Why You Can’t Order a Ford Mustang

Demand for Ford Mustang Remains High Despite Replacement of Current Model

Ford Australia has closed the Ford Mustang backlog as it attempts to meet demand for the outgoing sports coupe, while simultaneously preparing for the imminent arrival of its replacement.

The new generation “S650” Mustang is due to be unveiled in Detroit on September 14, but the local company is unable to establish even a vague timeline for when this new model will arrive in local showrooms.

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This leaves the current ‘S550’ Mustang in a tricky position, with an uncertain end date meaning customers are still queuing to buy one, but supply is becoming increasingly difficult for Ford Australia to secure. . Add to that the continued delays in global shipping and the local operation faces multiple challenges for its ever-in-demand sports car.

This is why Ford Australia has chosen to stop taking new orders for the car until it can clear the backlog and ensure those customers are happy.

The ‘S550’ Mustang is yet to receive one final special edition, the Mustang GT California Special – or GT/CS for short – which was first announced in December 2021 but has yet to arrive on our shores.

The next Ford Mustang GT California Special will be a send-off for the ‘S550’ generation model

The GT/CS – which takes inspiration from a 1968 special edition designed for the California market – receives several unique touches, including a blacked-out grille, lower side stripe and rear wheel arch scoops.

It also receives some notable mechanical changes, including a larger front splitter, which comes from the GT Performance package, a rear spoiler (for the coupe but not the convertible) and 19-inch alloy wheels with a unique five-spoke design and a painted machine. to end.

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That will likely have to weigh on eager Mustang owners until the new model arrives, which could arrive as early as the second half of 2023 or as late as 2024. The good news for potential buyers is that while the backlog is currently closed, Ford Australia has said it will reopen orders if and when it can guarantee sufficient supplies.

Ultimately, however, it’s entirely possible there could be a gap between the end of the ‘S550’ supply and the arrival of the ‘S650’.

At least that’s the case on the road, on the track, the “S650” styling will be applied to all Gen3 Mustangs from the start of the 2023 season to stimulate interest and demand for the new model – and to avoid teams having to build two. different-paced runners in consecutive seasons.

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