This Ford was supposed to replace the Mustang, now an immaculate that just sold at a low price


If only Ford had a crystal ball when they considered replacing their original pony car, the Mustang, with a front-wheel drive car based on a Mazda platform. Although you would think they wouldn’t need any metaphorical magical device to figure out a terrible idea that would be.

Even when you take the Mustang out of the equation (believe us, it’s a tough thing to do), the Ford Probe is an automotive curiosity. But, unlike most Mustangs, the near-universal hatred the probe received at the time means their value has remained relatively low. Even listing one on YouTube celebrity’s hip new auction site Doug DeMuro couldn’t fetch five numbers.

It’s not like this particular example doesn’t have the receipts to prove the condition it’s in. full service history and a confirmed accident-free carfax report.

To Probes’ credit, the turbocharged 2.2-liter Mazda engine found under the hood was a nice change of pace from the emissions-choked American V8s and V6s that still floated in many American cars in the late 1980s. and in the early 90s.

145 horsepower and 190 lb-ft of torque doesn’t sound too fantastic. Still, with the addition of a five-speed manual transmission and a relatively light chassis, it was at least a true lightweight sports car, although clearly not the one Americans wanted to buy at the time.

This notable quirk from an era when the US auto market was trying to reinvent itself eventually sold for $ 5,100 before taxes and fees. Expensive for an early 1980s American car, but not at all more valuable than that. Considering that a Mustang of an equivalent model year probably costs three times the price, the probe was at least a bargain in this scenario.

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