These are the coolest mods for your Ford Mustang EcoBoost

the Ford The Mustang EcoBoost has become one of the best-selling sports cars. But with so many Mustangs on the road, it’s no surprise that owners want their cars modified. The aftermarket offers many parts and bolt kits designed to meet any modification need. Some of them are fairly straightforward to install, while others require the expertise of a professional mechanic.

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With modifications such as the custom performance exhaust, ECU tuning, and even bigger turbos, Mustang owners’ desire to customize their cars has given rise to a modification trend that makes the Mustang distinctly unique. That said, here are some noticeable modifications for the EcoBoost Mustang.

seven ECU tuning

ecu setting

Tuning the ECU is one of the best and most important changes an owner can make to their Mustang. It improves the ultimate performance of the vehicle. There are several tuning devices available for the Mustang, but the best device is the Cobb Accessport V3. It provides almost unlimited settings for Mustangs and allows tuners complete control of fuel and ignition.

The EcoBoost ECU is one of the most advanced ECUs on the market and should be treated with great care. Once programmed, the ECU will recognize a higher intake and increase engine performance, responsiveness, and additional linear torque.

6 Bigger turbocharger and intercooler

ford mustang ecoboost turbocharger

Most of the prettiest cars on American roads are equipped with turbochargers. As the turbo begins to spin and boost levels increase, the power of the magical air is routed through the charge pipes to the intercooler in the throttle body. The relief valve opens when the throttle is in the “off” position. When the BOV sees a vacuum, it uses a pull-pull relief valve to maintain stable operation, whether under high or low boost.

For those on a budget, an intercooler with custom charge hoses will provide an option for a custom shelf, although the most common are the Turbosmart, TiAL, and HKS. In general, whatever you choose, all of the options will sound fantastic and turn heads.

5 Body kit

Mustang fans who want their EcoBoost Mustang to be different from the rest, these appearance customizations are simply unique and perfect. A good example is the large hood scoops which can tone down the appearance of a Mustang. Another way to modify Mustangs is Sequential Lights, not to mention the bezels around the light which is a better mod for creating a personalized ride.

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Additionally, carbon fiber modifications are desirable, but some people may find aftermarket body kits such as fiberglass or ABS more suitable. Overall, regardless of the popular material, there are other aftermarket parts that are designed to make the car stand out.

4 Spare rims

There are many different wheel designs out there, but the most common variations are 5 split spoke, multi spoke, or mesh designs. Wheels will typically cost between $ 300 and $ 2,000 per wheel, depending on the make and style.

And whatever EcoBoost version you drive, all come with 18-inch, 19-inch or 20-inch wheels. If one is serious about the track, the 18 “will be effective, which will translate into more grip. The prices of the 19” and 20 “are slightly steep, but they can offer an exceptional look with the design. correct spokes.

3 Exhaust

Custom exhaust - mustang ecoboost

Exhaust modifications are a triple threat. They improve the sound, performance and appearance of a car. Which exhaust note sounds the best is a matter of personal preference, and it’s hard to find a Mustang enthusiast who doesn’t like the sound of a high-quality aftermarket exhaust.

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Modification of the exhaust system

The EcoBoost Mustang’s exhaust systems will be either rear axle or cat return. While both offer a substantial improvement over the stock exhaust, the difference is significant. For most Mustangs manufactured after 2019, be sure to check if they have an active exhaust system as this affects Mustang compatibility.

2 Improved brakes

The stock brake pads from a Mustang may do just fine when the whole car is stock, but if you modify the suspension or transmission, the stock brakes will quickly be outdated. So improved brakes can make all the difference on the track or in the streets.

Most brake pads are either graphite or ceramic, as both can withstand high frictional heat. A large brake pad can absorb more heat and have better wear properties, which results in longer life. The alternative is a high performance brake pad if one cannot afford the bigger fat brake kit, which increases the size of the rotor and provides caliper pistons.

1 Suspension upgrades

Suspension upgrade for the mustang ecoboost

The stock pendant lights are designed to suit everyone, but not suitable for anyone. Lowering springs not only lower a Mustang’s ride height, but they also provide a stiffer ride. Stiffer springs create more responsive handling, better feel and less body roll in tight turns.

Coilover suspensions offer an adjustable ride that creates a stiffer suspension for tight turns, but softens up for everyday riding for those who love turns. The most customizable suspension system is air suspension, and while it has its pros and cons over airbag suspension, it is an option worth considering.

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