The First Mustang Ever Sold Still Belongs To Its Original Owner 58 Years Later

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It’s crazy to think that the Ford Mustang is only two years away from its 60th birthday. Throughout the nearly six decades of its production, the Mustang has cemented its place in the automotive history books across just about every automotive discipline there is. From endurance racing to street beauty, a Mustang does it all. Interestingly, this all started almost 58 years ago when Gail Wise became the first person to buy a Ford Mustang. The best part? She didn’t even know that was the case.

Gail Wise bought the first Mustang before it went on sale

Gail’s Mustang, Summer 1964 | Ford

According to USA Today, fresh out of college with a new job as a third-grade teacher, Gail Wise drove to the Ford dealership on April 15, 1964. Wise had only one condition for her hunt to the car. It had to be convertible.

However, upon arriving at the Ford dealership, Wise found that there were no convertible models available on the showroom floor. It was then that one of the sellers offered him something incredible.

“I told the salesman I wanted a convertible, and he was like, ‘I don’t have one on the floor. Come into the back room; I have something special to show you. He there were two Mustangs, one of which was a hardtop, and he didn’t even bother to show me that one. He lifted the tarp and I knew that convertible was for me,” Wise told the United States. United today.

Perhaps the craziest part of this story, however, is that Wise had no idea she was the first Mustang owner until decades later.

Wise and her husband nearly scrapped the car before they knew how special it was

The Wise family and their 1965 Ford Mustang convertible in the 1970s
Wise Family Mustang Photo, 1970s | Ford

After over 15 years of the Mustang being used by Gail, her husband Tom and their family for general transportation, it ceased to function. Gail wanted to get rid of the car, but Tom insisted they hang on to it because he was sure he would manage to fix it. It turned out to be a great call, indeed.

After retiring some 27 years later, Tom spent time on the internet looking for parts and information on Mustangs of that vintage. During his search, he comes across a man who claims to have bought the first Mustang on April 16, 1964. However, he goes to Gail’s house, explaining to her that he is certain that she chased his from the dealership the day before. .
Luckily, the couple kept all the original papers and documents from the day Gail bought it. After some searching in their basement, Tom retrieved the documentation that would eventually become proof that Gail Wise was the first person to buy a Ford Mustang.

“We had everything. We didn’t know it was anything special. But we kept the car’s new invoice, owner’s manual registered. Tom is a saver,” Gail said.

The first Mustang sold is now worth more than 100 times its original sale price

Gail Wise and the first Mustang sold, her 1965 convertible
Gail and her Mustang in 2018 | Ford

According to renowned collector car insurers and appraisal experts Hagerty, Gail’s car is now worth between $350,000 and $450,000 thanks to the couple’s complete original restoration of the vehicle. Don’t bother sending the couple an offer, though. Gail has no intention of dropping her piece of Ford history. She is having a good time. In fact, Ford even brings it along with their car for corporate events, like celebrating the production of the ten millionth Mustang.

“It’s like being a movie star at 76,” Gail said.

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The Mustang still only had 68,000 original miles on the odometer at the time of USA Today’s report, and we can’t imagine it being driven that often anymore. Ultimately, it’s amazing to see someone still so in love with their car after nearly 60 years of ownership. It’s particularly impressive that this is such a remarkable milestone not just in Ford’s history, but in all of American automotive history.

So hopefully Gail will keep this amazing car and pass it on to her family so they can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

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