The filming location is the Maison du Québec – DIRT

The holiday season is now in full swing on Netflix with the streamer’s recent release of a sleigh full of Christmas originals, including “Love Hard,” “The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star,” “A Boy Called. Christmas “and” Single All the Way. The latter, an LGBTQ-themed romantic comedy, just fell last week and quickly made its way into the platform’s top ten list. Directed by Michael Mayer and written by Chad Hodge, the premise of the film is pretty standard when it comes to holiday programming – new single Los Angeleno Peter (Michael Urie of “Ugly Betty” fame) wins over longtime best friend / roommate Nick (Philemon Chambers), to come back to New Hampshire with him for the holidays and pretend to be his boyfriend to keep his family away who gets into it. Somewhere along the way, of course, the two realize that they are truly in love.

Predictable? Yes! The end is obvious to within five minutes of the first weft roll. Nerdy? Sure! What holiday movie is not? But “Single All the Way” is also extremely well done, not to mention the witty, warm, heartfelt spirit and certainly a worthy addition to any Christmas movie watching routine! The stellar cast which, along with Uriah and Chambers, includes scene thieves like Jennifer Robertson of “Schitt’s Creek”, who plays Lisa, Peter’s sister, and the ever-fabulous Jennifer Coolidge, who plays her eccentric Aunt Sandy, adds to the mix. attraction. Plus, any movie that incorporates a dance number set to Britney Spears’ 2000 holiday anthem “My One Wish (This Year)” is an instant classic in my book!

Although set both in sunny Los Angeles, California, and snow in Bridgewater, New Hampshire, filming took place in and around Quebec, Canada. As identified by the interactive website Netflix in your neighborhood, “Single All the Way” used locale such as House 1890 in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, which appears twice under the name of Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen of Bridgewater. that of Montreal wooded Jean-Drapeau Park This is where Peter takes pictures of Nick for a last minute influencer campaign. And Momman (which, despite the digitally altered window views showing Venice’s colorful Abbot Kinney Boulevard outside, can also be found in Montreal) is the Coffee where Peter FaceTimes with his family and informs them that he’s bringing home a “surprise” for Christmas.

A place not identified by Netflix in your neighborhood? Home of the parents of Peter, Harold (Barry Bostwick) and Carole from “Noël” (Kathy Najimy). But don’t worry – that’s why you got me!

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