Tesla-powered Mustang GT is the coolest electric car conversion

Engine swaps are nothing new in the automotive world, especially if they lead to improved performance. In recent years, however, enthusiasts have been swapping motors for electric motors. Interestingly, many source their engines from You’re here electric vehicles to create their own swaps. This Ford Mustang pony car – called “TesTang” – is one such electric vehicle swap.

A Ford Mustang GT with a Tesla drive unit

TesTang is a word game that combines Tesla and Mustang. Such a naming sense isn’t illogical, as TesTang is essentially a Tesla-powered Mustang. It’s a creation of AEM EV, a company owned by Holley that offers electronic products to simplify the process of trading in electric vehicles.

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According to AEM engineer Nate Stewart, TesTang started out as a 2007 Ford Mustang GT. In recent years, its previous owner, an electric vehicle enthusiast, traded in from Tesla. The swap involved the Sport version of the Tesla Large Drive Unit (LDU). The previous owner then listed the Mustang EV on Craigslist.

Incidentally, Nate was looking for Tesla LDUs to serve as a test mule to develop and test new products. Usually, AEM would search for crashed Teslas, harvest their drive units, and fit them into a gutted conventional car.

Testang served as AEM’s electronic testbed

Finding the Mustang EV was a jackpot; this saved the AEM team a lot of time, energy, and resources compared to building another exchange from scratch. Nate even revealed the tiring process of an EV swap, including removing the stock transmission, rear drive axle, driveshaft, transmission and engine, and fuel tank. fuel.

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As AEM focused on the base Tesla LDU, they removed the Sport LDU (for future use) and replaced it with the less powerful unit. Since Tesla electronics prevent other things from being added to its grid, AEM installed its own Tesla Inverter Control Board (ICB) and EV Vehicle Control Unit called VCU200. This combination provides control over various EV elements, including torque curves, regenerative braking, pedal response, load and thermal management.

From experimental test bed to daily driver and dragster

After completing the conversion as well as the tuning process, the team finally gave birth to TesTang. According to Nate, TesTang can offer more power than a Tesla EV, thanks to the inverter and VCU. AEM has tuned TesTang enough to turn it into a drag racing and autocross machine.

More importantly, the California DMV has certified TesTang as a street-legal electric vehicle. In fact, AEM uses TesTang for daily commuting.

Source: AEM Electronics

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