Sounds like something that happens to female drivers in Idaho

You would expect this to be something an inattentive driver would do. Like a woman! For all the old wretches who deny talking on the phone while driving, this story should fill you with schadenfreude. I was driving and sightseeing in northern Utah. The sky was partly cloudy and the sun’s rays were piercing over a mountain in the distance. I wanted a photo. I was on a rural road and there wasn’t much traffic. Still, I decided to pull over in some gravel, pull over, then get out and shoot. There was a Y as the road split in two. The gravel in the middle was creased with tire tracks.

Apparently they were high clearance vehicles. I got stuck. I tried to rock the car like in a snow bank. This made things worse and my front tires pressed down almost to the axle.

Since it was a cool day for late summer, I rolled down my windows and thought I could wait several hours to report a Good Samaritan. Within five minutes I had four people trying to help me place mats under my tires. A few minutes later, a van pulled up and, using a chain, quickly pulled me out of the quagmire. The driver explained that the gravel area had become a dumping ground for local road construction. The quagmire is getting deeper and deeper and is now swallowing a lot more traffic.

The only downside was the drive home. Stones stuck between the treads of the tires kept coming off. I heard ping, ping and ping all the way to the Idaho state line.

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