Seven of the safest cars on sale today

Absolute safety is a key consideration for many people when purchasing a new car. It is crucial to make sure that your car offers sufficient protection in the event of an incident, while making sure that a vehicle has safety measures suitable for pedestrians is also good to know.

Thanks to recent Euro NCAP safety tests, we’ve got a good idea of ​​some of the safest cars on sale today – so let’s take a look at them …

1. BMW iX

BMW’s new flagship electric car, the iX, earned five stars in recent Euro NCAP safety tests. It scored particularly well for adult occupant protection, scoring 91% for that, while its child occupant safety score of 87% was also good.

It was also praised for its numerous safety assistance systems, including an active hood capable of absorbing the impact of a pedestrian in the event of a collision and its comprehensive automatic emergency braking system.

2. Mercedes-Benz EQS

It’s not just BMW’s flagship electric vehicle that has performed well in recent safety tests. Mercedes-Benz’s premium EQS also received five stars in the review recently. The luxury sedan achieved an adult occupant safety rating of 96%, while child occupant safety was also excellent with a score of 91%.

A comprehensive suite of assistance systems earned it an 80% score for safety assistance, while its protection against vulnerable road users was rated at 76%.

3. Skoda Fabia

It’s not just high-end electric cars that have performed well recently. Skoda has a good reputation for safety and its latest Fabia has only extended it further, with its five stars. Ratings of 85% and 81% were recorded for adult and child occupant protection respectively, showing that this compact car could easily compete with the bigger cars here.

It also scored an impressive 70% for protecting vulnerable road users. It missed out on top Safety Assistance ratings because it lacks active hood technology or emergency reverse braking.

4. Genesis G70

Genesis may be a newcomer to the UK, but it is already making great strides thanks to its constant stream of new models, which recent tests show are also very safe. The new G70 also got five stars, which is impressive considering it’s not based on a whole new platform.

Euro NCAP awarded it 89% for the protection of adult occupants, as well as 87% for the protection of child occupants. It also performed particularly well in terms of security assistive technology, scoring 88%.

5. Volkswagen Caddy

The five-star award to the Volkswagen Caddy shows that it’s not just conventionally shaped cars that can do well in terms of safety. The MPV Caddy may have space and practicality, but recent tests show that it is also a very safe option.

In fact, it scored 84% for adult occupant protection and 82% for child occupant protection. Tests also found that the Caddy provided good protection for children sitting in a variety of different car seats across all three rows of seats.

6. Ford Mustang Mach-e

Ford’s Mustang Mach-e was another great electric vehicle that received five stars in recent testing. It scored 92% for adult occupant protection, alongside 86% for child occupant safety.

Tests found that the Mach-e’s cabin “remained stable” when the car was subjected to a front side impact test, with dummies demonstrating the car’s good protection for the occupants’ knees.

7. Toyota Yaris Cross

Toyota’s eccentric Yaris Cross has performed very well in recent testing. This is particularly noticeable because of the car’s compact size and relatively small footprint on the road: that hasn’t stopped it from scoring 86% for adult occupant safety and 84% for child safety.

It also scored full points for rescue and extrication thanks to its multi-collision braking system and eCall technology, which can automatically notify emergency services if the vehicle is involved in an incident.

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