Ranking the ugliest sports car interiors of the 90s

You pay dearly for a sports car. Speed ​​and power don’t come cheap. So, you expect everything to be in pristine condition, the car to look like a mannequin, and the interior to feel as close to a luxury yacht as possible. But it’s not always the case.

Manufacturers have time, and once again sports car enthusiasts have been let down in areas where even a whiff of failure shouldn’t be noticed. Most unforgivable is the powertrains that can’t even compete in a lazy race. But then, inasmuch as some people think it doesn’t really matter, a bad interior is usually a major stumbling block for most sports car enthusiasts. And that’s why these 9 cars are featured here. Some of them were among the most wanted sports cars money could buy, but their interiors left too much to be desired.

9 1999 Qvale Mangusta

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1999 Qvale Mangusta

In the 90s, the automotive industry focused on new and interesting concept cars. The Qvale Mangusta was therefore launched to be exactly that. The company promised a brand whose interior would surprise even the most fastidious enthusiasts. But that wasn’t quite true.RELATED: The Short Life Of The DeTomaso/Qvale Mangusta In Brief

1999 Qvale Mangusta
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The interior of the Qvale Mangusta was ripped straight from the Ford Mustang. And that wasn’t the only element that seemed Ford-inspired. So many pieces from this brand weren’t designed from scratch as advertised. To make matters worse, at its price point, there were better looking and more capable sports cars on the market.

8 1991Mitsubishi Galant VR-4

1991Mitsubishi Galant VR-4
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In the 90s, Mitsubishi was still very fresh on American soil. But the company was ready to establish itself as a formidable force. The Galant was therefore launched as Mitsubishi’s first large family sedan. It was in direct competition with the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. The VR-4 was born from its expertise in rallying. So, it was supposed to be a rocket on the road.

1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 classic car JMD
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Admittedly, the exterior of this brand was polarizing. Many enthusiasts later described it as a somewhat underrated sleeping car. But it was his interior that didn’t do him justice. It had a simple design that didn’t appeal to most buyers.

7 1995Lotus Elan M100

1995Lotus Elan M100
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In the 90s, Lotus was all about performance and the Elan M100 was the company’s focal point. And you can’t discredit its entire design. The exterior of this brand looked fantastic. Right off the bat, the Elan M100 looked like a performance roadster. But inside was a totally different story.

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Many drivers have described the interior of the Elan M100 as a big mess of things you don’t want and need. But somehow, Elon Musk found inspiration in this car while building the Tesla Roadster, Tesla’s first shot at an electric vehicle. Maybe it has to do with this brand’s amazing ride characteristic.

6 1997 Honda Civic del Sol

1997 Honda Civic del Sol
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The Honda Civic Del Sol was a simple build. Honda just took the standard Civic and cut its back. This compact Civic was then sold to the public in the 90s, without any significant performance improvements to the machine.

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1997 Honda Civic del Sol
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But it was a car meant to enjoy the fresh air and the breeze while hurtling down country roads. But there was a problem. Passers-by would stare at an ugly interior packed with all the Honda Civic features you want, but crammed into a tiny space.

5 1992 Isuzu Impuls RS

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Isuzu hasn’t received much attention when it comes to passenger cars in recent years. But this company was previously known for building great passenger cars. Their RS trim, in particular, was to die for, unless you wanted nice interiors.

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The big problem was that Isuzu was not a compact car company back then. So they had no idea how to make the Impulse RS more appealing from the inside. Despite this, since it was based on a beautiful platform inspired by the I-Mark Sedan, it enjoyed modest commercial success.

4 Mazda MX-3 V6 1996

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Between Mazda and Nissan, one copied the duties of the other. The 1996 Mazda MX-3 V6 and the Nissan NX2000 looked eerily similar. But that didn’t stop Mazda from continuing production of this vehicle. The brand was also special.

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The V6 engine used in the MX-3 was the same one that hung under the hood of the MX-6. Thus, drivers benefited from the performance of the MX-6 and the versatility of a sedan.

But that’s where the joy stopped. The interior of this car was crowded, the available cargo space being too small to hold a briefcase.

3 1992 Volkswagen Corrado G60

    1992 Volkswagen Corrado G60
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In the 90s, Volkswagen was in trouble. The company’s reliability ratings were at an all-time low and very few people were still talking about the “bug” design. Then there was the Fox compact which first sold in volumes and then received a huge backlash thanks to its poor reputation.

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The Corrado G60 was therefore launched with high expectations. VW promised flawless performance and they weren’t wrong. The drivers had a Porsche 911 in their hands, except for one thing: the interior. According to most enthusiasts, this was a bad mismatch compared to all other Volkswagen models including a Jetta, Golf and Passat.

2 1998 Saab 900 Turbo Convertible

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The 1998 Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet is definitely a beautiful, uniquely styled car. But that can only be said for the exterior. Moreover, this style was unique to Saab, which polarized many buyers. But the company would keep this design language straight from the 900 Turbo to other models until the company’s demise in 2010.

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The interior was a horrible mix of crooked nuts and bolts. The key placement was the first thing you noticed that seemed odd. The designers somehow found it logical that the ignition key was placed between the two front seats. And that was just one of many other “Saab-only” oddities.

1 1997 Subaru SVX

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The Subaru SVX has succeeded in becoming the poster child for everything a sports car shouldn’t be. And first on the list was its tough style which attracted very few fearful buyers. The passenger and driver windows were oddly designed, to begin with. The rest of the interior looked like a cheap version of an already cheap interior with hard plastic filling the dashboard, seats and roof.

1997 Subaru SVX Red-Subaru-Cover
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The top model featured leather seats. But even if you were saddled on a cowhide, you couldn’t easily reach the dials or switches in front of you. The factory sound system shut down the bad interior deal with noises that even a frog wouldn’t be proud of.

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