Original Mustang Shelby GT500 Pulley Sets New Quarter Mile Record

Even years later, tuners are finding ways to get even more power from the high-performance 2020 Ford.

Original GT500 Pulley Featured Image
via the Drag Racing And Car Stuff YouTube channel

Achieving a 1/4 mile world record is a big thing for a lot of people. Usually this is done via quite outrageously modified cars. But it is possible that relatively stock cars could achieve such a feat. Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube channel uploaded a video of the world’s fastest original pulley 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, smashing the quarter mile race in just under 10 seconds.

Very impressive race at the Mod Nats 2021

This GT500 is a stunning example of the car, finished in a dark orange with black stripes all over and of course a rear spoiler. The first race in the video shows the car at Mod Nats 2021, and it runs on 93 gas pumps.

This clip is already a showcase of the quality of a stock car. The Shelby gets a great launch on the line and finishes that run in 10.120 seconds and peaks at 134.52 mph. The best is yet to come, as the owner returns to the same track a week later to complete an even better race. It was the 9.9 second race, again with 93 gas pumps.

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A showcase for stock cars

Launch of the original GT500 Drag pulley
via the Drag Racing And Car Stuff YouTube channel

The next execution shown in the video is however a different execution of 9.9 seconds. It shows the car on E85 gas, and the owner of the YouTube channel was lucky enough to be able to film it. The Shelby sets off for a 9.91 second run and peaks at 137.60 mph. This is impressive for a car that is essentially all stock. The owner tells us about it, and more specifically, this is a 2020 GT500 carbon fiber track pack. Remember, this is an official package, not an unofficial modification. .

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Just small changes on this car

Stock Pulley GT500 Head Sight
via the Drag Racing And Car Stuff YouTube channel

Only small modifications are found on this GT500. These include a cold air intake from SPE Motorsport and a Lethal Performance racing pipe, while the car has also been tuned to Palm Beach Dyno. In the back of the car, the owner gave the Shelby Mickey Thompson Drag Radials. These races make this GT500 the fastest in the world over 1/4 mile with the stock pulley.

This is a big win for owners who don’t want to massively modify their cars. This is an expensive task for anyone, and I hope this video shows that with just a few mods you can squeeze a lot of performance out of your car.

Source: Drag Racing and Car Stuff YouTube Channel

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