Original 1966 Ford Mustang Purchased From 90 Year Old Owner Is An Incredible Find

If you wanted to buy a Ford Mustang in 1966, the first engine you could order was the Thriftpower 200 (3.3 liters) developing 120 horsepower. Ford introduced this unit in 1965 specifically to replace the 170 (2.8-liter) six-cylinder that came with the original model.

However, customers could also order the car with a choice of multiple V8s, and the standard unit was the 289 (4.7-liter) Windsor 2-barrel with 200 horsepower. A 4 barrel version was also available with 225 horsepower.

The 2-barrel V8 is also the one that sets the wheels in motion on this absolutely fabulous 1966 Mustang, which eBay seller classic car hunter says they recently bought the car from the original owner, who is now over 90 years old.

That’s right, the car has only had one owner since it was new, and it’s a lady who has always taken care of it, while keeping everything in the original condition, without any modification or change that would have altered the heritage of the Mustang.

The car looks immaculate, but be aware that the engine was also redone, and the paint and body were refreshed many years ago. But since then the Mustang has been rocked the way it deserves.

As you can easily find out by just looking at the photos in the gallery, this Mustang looks like a new car, so it wouldn’t require any repairs. Just get behind the wheel and drive it, and that makes the overall discovery even more impressive, especially since the Mustang has spent all these years with one owner.

Comes with a clear Missouri title to the eBay seller’s name, the car was originally purchased by the first owner on November 13, 1965, although no information was provided as to whether original documents still exist. today.

Buying this Mustang wouldn’t be cheap, as the car is priced at $ 44,950. It’s located in Missouri if you want to see it live.

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