Mercedes-AMG C 63 thinks it’s a Mustang, crashes at Cali Car Meet while drifting



A shirtless driver, accompanied by his shirtless friends, became the laugh of the day at an auto meet in California last week, as he ended up wrecking his Mercedes-AMG C 63 by showing off in front of a large crowd.
Throughout the video, the young driver can be seen abusing the accelerator and rear tires, circling around in a haze of rubber smoke, indifferent to the safety of passers-by.

At 0:50 the crown goes “whoa” as the car rolls a 180 and the left rear tire explodes. Seconds later, the C 63 arrives in front of the camera with part of the rear bumper hanging down.

It should have been a great sign to call it a day and relax, but the driver begged to differ, as were his shirtless friends, one of whom can be seen holding what appears to be a gun at one. given moment, as after temporarily fixing the rear bumper, it rose again, for more power.

The joy didn’t last long, as a hole in the asphalt made the most of its run, sending it flying through the air and destroying the wheel, tire and axle. So besides a cosmetic makeover, this old Mercedes-AMG C 63 will require a lot of mechanical work, if its owner wants to put his merry tail skills to the test again.

Probably embarrassed by the whole situation, the young man did not come out to check the damage immediately after the accident and chose to go to the makeshift parking lot, as the crowd gathered to assess the scars of the battle and make of him a social media star. One of his shirtless friends stepped out the rear window, but only to film the battered car, while the other remembered that all (well, almost all) cars have doors.

The video is almost 3.5 minutes long and contains the NSFW language.


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