Lexus RZ 450e to become brand’s first all-electric SUV –

Author: Vineeth Joel Patel

Toyota recently introduced around 12 fully electric concept cars as it seeks to increase the number of electric vehicles it sells by 2030. This was surprising, as Toyota has been quiet on the all-electric front, choosing instead to bet on hybrids and plug-in hybrids. But, we now know that electric cars will play a big role at Toyota and Lexus. With the Toyota bZ4X going on sale in 2022, Lexus needs its own electric vehicle, which will arrive in the form of the RZ 450e.

Lexus presents the new electric vehicle

Toyota may have been slow to embrace the idea of ​​the all-electric revolution, but it’s quickly catching up with the rest of the pack. Lexus will go all-electric by 2035, so things with the luxury brand will soon change at an alarming rate. Lexus’ all-electric push will be the RZ 450e electric SUV that the automaker recently introduced.

Lexus hasn’t provided much information on the RZ 450e, but the electric SUV looks like the LF-Z concept car released earlier this year. Some lines were cleaned up and Lexus did a bit of work to make the RZ 450e look like it was ready for production. You can also see a hint of the Toyota bZ4X in the Lexus vehicle.

When it comes to performance, Lexus hasn’t said much. We expect the SUV to be equipped with Lexus’ new electric motor, called Direct4. The RZ 450e is expected to have two of these electric motors for all-wheel drive.

Lexus has more to come

For horsepower, the bZ4X produces 215 horsepower in its most powerful configuration. That’s a bit low for what we’d expect from a Lexus, as luxury brands tend to offer more powerful engines with their vehicles. The same goes for range, as the bZ4X will be able to travel up to 250 miles on a single charge.

The RZ 450e will apparently use a wire steering system which means the steering wheel and front wheels are not mechanically connected to each other. It’s a system we first saw on the Infiniti Q50 a few years ago.

We’re sure we’ll get more information on the RZ 450e next year before it officially goes on sale. When Lexus puts the RZ 450e on sale, it will compete with the Tesla Model Y, BMW iX, Audi e-tron, Volkswagen ID.4 and Ford Mustang Mach-E.


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