How to install a wing without a Team Z Motorsports strut


Aerodynamics play an important role in drag racing: you want your car to glide easily through the air and remain stable at high speeds. Most cars are not designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency in a drag racing application, so you may need to add a wing like Team Z Motorsports 1979-1993 Mustang Strutless Wing to keep your car happy at high speed. .

A wing will really help a fast car in several different areas and should be considered when running in the 120 MPH and above range. The fender will mitigate the drag created by turbulent air passing through the back of a vehicle. Less drag will help your car go faster, and the fender will also add more downforce to the rear of your vehicle at high speeds. The fenders will also help remove air from under your car’s frame. If you go over 150 MPH, a wing will make your car more stable and prevent it from dancing side to side, especially at the upper end of the track.

Team Z has perfected the art of creating parts for the Fox bodied Mustang, and its 1979-1993 Mustang strutless wing is a product that solves a problem for many racers. There are a lot of fast Fox bodied Mustangs that are still driven on the street and need a fender, but adding one that has struts attached to the body can be a problem. This Strutless kite from Team Z solves that problem, while retaining all of the kite’s functionality.

Watch this video where Team Z owner Dave Zimmerman walks you through the process of installing one of the 1979-1993 Mustang’s strutless fenders.

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