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Community police and firefighters

Editor’s Note: The Police Blotter is based on information contained in reports from the Gig Harbor Police and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

On July 3, Gig Harbor officers pursued two suspected shoplifters at the Borgen Boulevard Home Depot. One of the suspects had to be taken to hospital after injuring his leg trying to jump a fence.

Officers patrolling the area were alerted to the possible shoplifters around 7 p.m. The suspects walked suspiciously in the opposite direction upon seeing a police car. They ran when officers attempted to contact them.

One suspect stopped after a short chase, but the other attempted to jump over a 6ft fence and fell. He told officers he believed he had broken his leg.

He later told doctors at Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One that he had gone to Home Depot to steal tools.

Officers found two new power tools dropped along the route the suspects were taking. They were unable to definitively prove that the suspects had abducted them, in the absence of surveillance footage or witnesses. The two suspects broke into the store, meaning they could be arrested on suspicion of burglary if they return to the store.

Lots of documents, no proof of ownership

An officer noticed expired license tabs on a vehicle traveling on Highway 16 near Wollochet Drive around 7 p.m. on July 1. The officer stopped the vehicle, a silver Acura, after it left the freeway at Burnham Drive.

The driver, a 32-year-old man from Tacoma, produced several documents, none of which showed he actually owned the car. The documents included a vehicle title that was not in his name; an old deed of sale from a previous owner; a handwritten bill of sale showing an unrelated person purchasing a similar vehicle, but which was invalid because it did not mention any vehicle identification number.

The driver told the officer that he could not afford to have the vehicle transferred to his name. The Tacoma man has several outstanding arrest warrants, none of which the jail would book him for. He also had no proof of insurance and was driving while his license was suspended (several warrants were for the same offence).

The officer concluded that it was unsafe for the Tacoma man to continue driving the vehicle and had it seized. The driver received a citation and a court date.

One vehicle stolen, another found

An officer responding to a stolen vehicle report recovered another stolen vehicle at the same time.

The owner of a 1970 Ford Mustang reported the car stolen around 9 p.m. on July 1. The officer responding to take the report noticed a suspicious red 2001 Ford F-350 parked next to where the Mustang had been stolen.

The pickup’s ignition had clearly been tampered with, and a screwdriver sitting in the truck’s center console appeared to have been used to start it. When the officer checked the plate, it was found to have been stolen from Port Orchard.

The owner of the stolen Mustang said he saw a young man, whom he described acting suspiciously, near the F-350 earlier.

Later that evening, someone reported a similar Mustang being driven recklessly at the Harborview Drive-Stinson Avenue roundabout.

Police entered the Mustang as stolen and seized the F-350 until its rightful owner could obtain it.

Thieves smash a rig through a trading fence

Unknown suspects stole a flatbed truck from a business on the 66the Avenue and ran him through a fence while escaping, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

The employees called a company assistant on the evening of July 2. The suspects had drilled a hole in the company’s exterior fence, stolen a battery from a van parked there, and used the battery to start the set.

They crashed the truck through the gate and fled. The company reported that a similar truck was stolen in February.

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