Former Supercars team owner concerned about Gen3 timeline

The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro Gen3 of supercars

Former Supercars team owner Lucas Dumbrell is very concerned about tight deadlines to bring Gen3 to life next year.

The man behind Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport, who competed in Supercars from 2010 to 2017, has said he will not return to the championship based on what he has heard about Gen3.

The upcoming ruleset, involving the debut of the Chevrolet Camaro alongside the new, upgraded Ford Mustang, has already been pushed back several times.

While there’s no suggestion it will be delayed any further, Dumbrell is far from the first person in recent times to question the feasibility of building a full grid of cars in the time remaining.

“I personally don’t agree with the way it happened, and just the way it was organized, or from what I hear wasn’t organized, to be honest, with the teams that are there,” Dumbrell said on the Station Podcast.

“I’ve had a lot of people express to me their concern about how late everything is being done and how it’s all going to lead to a shitty fight when they try to roll it out next year.

“Just as an idea, when we went to Car of the Future in 2013, they actually had two Car of the Future prototype cars racing in the final at Homebush in 2011.

“And the race in 13, as if we were still at the Triple Eight, I was there with the crew…building our two cars at 4am the day before the first day of testing at Queensland Raceway when I had Dean Fiore and Scott Pye driving for me.

“That’s how everything was late, and it was also the Triple Eight, everyone was there trying to finish their cars.

“So if it was what time we were doing it that time, the fact that they’ve had two cars running now for a few days of testing and whatever…the math just doesn’t tell me that they will be able to do it.

“And if they do, do it, what a state everyone is in.

“They’re going to burn a lot more crew than normal racing does for people because you’re not doing it for the money, a lot of these guys, clearly the number of hours they’re putting in just to do racing, and then asking these guys “you work 20 hours a day but I expect the last four hours of every day you work on the Gen3 car”.

” It will not work. Unless they become twice as efficient and condense it all into six months of work, which seems impossible to me.

Dumbrell stayed connected to the industry by establishing his company Motorsport Parts Australia.

Bathurst 1000 winner Paul’s brother Dumbrell admits he misses being in the Supercars paddock, but doesn’t miss the financial pressures of owning a team.

LDM famously won a race at the 2016 Adelaide 500 with Nick Percat at the wheel.

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