Ford F-150 Raptor R V8

2021 Ford F-150 Raptor

2021 Ford F-150 Raptor
Picture: Ford

Looks like the F-150 Raptor really came for the ram The neck of TRX. An Instagram post spotted by seems to confirm than the most powerful The F-150 Raptor gets the supercharged 5.2-liter Predator V8 that powers Mustang GT500. And while we don’t know how much power it will produce in the Raptor, that engine produces 760 hp and 625 lb-ft of torque in the GT500. That should be enough for the Raptor.

the return of the V8-powered Raptor has been known since thiGeneration Raptor debuted. The second generation Raptor, you will remember, fall the V8 in favor of an Ecoboost V6. This choice didn’t get along well with a lot of people, especially after audience this void-cleaner exhaust note. Ram slapping a 702 horsepower engine in the TRX powered by Hellcat only made things worse. So when Ford confirmed that the fourth generation Raptor will offer a V8it got a lot of people excited.

An Instagram post from theraptorconnection shows a construction sheet for a Raptor R on the production linewith an intriguing detail: 5.2L, which seems to indicate the Predator V8 of the Shelby GT500. what wThis would make the Raptor R a direct competitor to the TRX and the most powerful pickup on the market. Although Ford hasn’t said anything publicly about which engine will power the Raptor R, let alone how much power we can expect.this certainly seems like confirmation that the supercharged V8 is heading to the Raptor. Expect it to be associated with some wild off-road goodies in the same vein as the Bronco Raptor: huge tires, super low crawl ratioand suspension travel that will eclipse a child.

The F-150 Raptor R is expected to go on sale this year. I’m sure the price will be just as amazing as the power.

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