Ford dealer does not provide RC to buyer even after 8 months

When was the last time you heard someone driving without a Certificate of Registration (RC) on the road? Here is a bizarre situation.

A Ford car owner had to drive without an RC (registration certificate) due to car dealer negligence. Now Ford has pledged to continue providing aftermarket services to its customers in India even after they stop making cars here. The American automaker continues to operate as a niche player in the Indian market with import products like Mustang, Mach-E and Ranger pickup trucks. But not everyone has experienced quality after-sales service. Here is an example.

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Problems galore at the Ford dealership

A Ford customer contacted us to express pure frustration with the way things are handled by Sagar Ford, Sonepat, Haryana. The car was purchased in April and the owner has tried to contact the dealership, but no one is available to take phone calls or resend emails. There have been repeated promises but no concrete action has been taken on the ground. Also, the buyer had given a quick Dzire Maruti in exchange, but the same has been kept in the dealer’s possession until now without transferring the name of the original owner to someone else. Other than that, the delivery ceremonies for the new car were also not organized properly. This includes things like a cake cutting ceremony that did not take place but is mentioned in the delivery booklet. The spare wheel cover was returned to the owner after 2 months, the body cover after 3 months and the perfume was not provided at all.

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All of these things mirror what some dealers do after the company has partially left the country. However, Ford must be aware of such incidents so that such activity is not encouraged. If people start to receive this image of Ford’s neglect, Ford’s remaining stock could go unsold. When we contacted the dealership they responded with positive action. RC correction will be completed in December and tire covers etc. were not available due to a lack of supply from the manufacturer. Does this mean that things will only work out if there is outside intervention? We hope that Ford will take action against these dealers to set a precedent for other dealers who might be involved in such activities.

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Ford’s response

We have contacted Ford India on behalf of the customer and highlighted the above issue. Here is what the company spokesperson said: “Based on the latest status received from our customer service team, who were working to resolve this issue in the background, the RC remediation process was initiated by Sagar Ford. Currently with RTO the RC fix is ​​expected to be completed by the end of December / January 2022 and the same has been communicated to the customer.

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