Ford claims No.1 in sales in November

Ford Motor Co. claimed it was the best-selling automaker in the United States for the third consecutive month in November, a streak it has not reached since 1974 as it announced a sales increase of 5.9% year over year for the month.

The Dearborn automaker said Thursday it sold 158,793 vehicles in the United States last month, with gains in its key segments. Truck sales are up 4.6%, SUV sales 20.8%, and sales of Ford’s burgeoning all-electric and hybrid lineup are up 153.6% from last November .

“Building on the Mustang Mach-E, Ford achieved record sales of electrified vehicles, growing more than three times faster than the entire segment,” said Andrew Frick, Ford vice president of sales for the United States and Canada, in a press release. “Retail sales were up 4.5% from a year ago, with the SUVs posting the best sales performance ever in November on record sales from our all-new Bronco family. We expect growth to continue, with the addition of 74,000 additional new vehicle orders in November. “

Overall, the industry experienced some recession in November amid the lingering shortage of semiconductor chips that limited inventories of new vehicles. Cox Automotive reported that last month’s sales pace of around 13 million was “significantly lower” than the 15.9 million sales pace in November 2020.

“The chip shortage continues to restrict the availability of new vehicles, and this month of November was no exception. The market is currently very uneven with some brands and products facing a greater shortage than others, including Toyota and Subaru, which reported significant sales declines last month due to tight inventories, ”Cox said. in an update Thursday.

“Meanwhile, Ford’s inventory has improved since the summer, and with the new Bronco on the market now and a better pickup offering, including the new Maverick, the Blue Oval has largely beaten the average of. industry last month and has seen year-over-year sales. to augment. It is a market of haves and have-nots.

Ford’s share of the electrified vehicle market rose to 10% from 5.4% last year, according to the automaker. In total, it sold 11,116 electrified vehicles, attributing the increase to strong sales of Mach-E, its first all-electric vehicle, and the hybrid version of the F-150 pickup, which recorded 4,767 sales.

With General Motors Co. extending the downtime at its Chevrolet Bolt plant in Oakland County until next year, Ford Motor Co.’s electric vehicles are set to surpass GM sales for 2021. , depending on how December unfolds.

Although Tesla Inc. and Volkswagen AG remain the two main sellers of electric vehicles in the United States, GM and Ford are emerging as market leaders, they say.

GM said Thursday it informed the 1,181 employees at its Lake Orion assembly plant that it would extend its downtime until the week of January 24 “to continue to prioritize recall repairs,” he said. spokesman Dan Flores said in a statement. Production halted the week of August 23 when the Detroit automaker recalled every Bolt ever produced for a defect in batteries produced by LG Energy Solution that presented a fire hazard. He previously said production would be down until December.

“We will continue to notify employees in a timely manner of any further adjustments to the production schedule, as we continue to focus on replacing battery modules,” said Flores.

GM is prioritizing replacing the recalled 141,000 bolts with new battery modules. The automaker restarted production for two weeks in November to make replacement bolts for customers whose bolts are being repaired. Production fell again the week of November 15.

Chevrolet sold 24,803 Bolt EVs and EUVs in the first nine months of the year, an increase of 76.5% from 2020, when the larger SUV model was not available.

Ford has announced plans to double its electric vehicle capacity to 600,000 vehicles globally within two years and become the second-largest electric vehicle maker behind Tesla, although in the long run it wants to be No. 1 As of November, it has sold 24,791 units of the all-electric Mach-E and is expected to begin deliveries of an all-electric version of its Transit commercial van soon. With the Mach-E registering a few thousand sales each month, it is on track to surpass Bolt’s sales for the year.

Still, GM plans to begin deliveries of its new GMC Hummer EV truck before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Ford said it took 74,000 new retail orders last month, up 64,000 from November 2020. Twenty-nine percent of retail sales came from orders in November. Ford executives have said the automaker is trying to get more of its sales from customer orders, a system they believe the company can achieve greater efficiency.

In terms of individual nameplates, Mustang sales of 3,709 units in November were down 10% from a year ago.

In the SUV segment, sales of the EcoSport fell by 58.9%, those of the Escape by almost 30%, those of the Explorer by 3.1% and those of the Expedition by 34, 8%.

But Ford’s new entrants have lifted the segment as a whole, with 11,486 sales of the new Bronco Sport, 8,287 full-size Bronco sales and 3,088 Mach-E sales.

On the truck side, a key profit factor for Ford, sales increased 4.6%, with 82,231 units moved. The automaker said its flagship F-series pickup truck series is on track to dominate the U.S. truck market for the 45th consecutive year, with November sales of 60,418 units, up 14.6 %. Sales of Ranger, E-Series, Transit and Transit Connect were all down. Heavy goods vehicles increased 23.4%.

Ford’s new compact pickup, Maverick, recorded 2,582 sales last month, up from 4,140 in October, the first full month it went on sale.

Sales of the Lincoln brand fell 23.4% in November.

Year-to-date, Ford has sold around 1.7 million vehicles in the United States, down 5.6% from a year ago.

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