Drunk driver records 0.194 after driving away from crash

A 43-year-old Taylor woman will appear in court today, Tuesday June 28, following a drunk driving incident last night.

Around 9 p.m. Monday, a Taylor resident noticed a car had stopped in his driveway. When he got out, the driver of a green Holden Commodore said she was having car trouble and was going to call someone for help.

After the man heard the car fail to start several times, he again checked on the female driver who said she had been drinking. The man urged her not to drive and called for help, but the woman left around 9.40pm and the man called ACT Policing Operations.

Police conducted patrols in Taylor shortly after 10 p.m. and located a black Ford Mustang with damaged front wheel and fender. Following skid marks from the Mustang, officers located a green Holden Commodore with front passenger side damage approximately 250m away.

At approximately 10:50 p.m., police observed a woman walking towards the registered address of the owner of the green Commodore. The woman refused to answer questions regarding the location of her vehicle and, after being warned and arrested, a search located keys matching the Commodore on her person.

When the woman underwent a breath test at the city police station, she recorded a blood alcohol level of 0.194. She received an immediate suspension notice, suspending her ACT license for 90 days.

She will face the ACT Magistrates Court today on charges of drunk driving level four, failing to give details to the owner of damaged property after an accident and damaging property.

Officer in Charge of Gungahlin Station, Detective Inspector Dave Craft said he was frustrated by the incident.

“There is no justifiable reason to drive while intoxicated, especially at levels like this,” Detective Inspector Craft said.

“It’s fair to say it’s just luck that there were only a few cars damaged in this case, as opposed to someone being seriously injured or killed.”

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