Dodge Challenger embarks on an off-road adventure, it doesn’t end well

During Dodge Speed ​​Week, the company showed off a white-bodied Challenger for a remarkably low price of $7,995. However, before the cover was removed, it looked like a lifted Challenger and it sparked jokes about a Peanut Gallery Challenger TRX.

While an off-road-focused Challenger TRX unfortunately isn’t part of the Last Call special editions, that hasn’t stopped one owner from trying to get his muscle car out.

As you can see in this clip uploaded to YouTube, Matt’s Off-Road Recovery was called in to help a Challenger that had driven surprisingly far on a sandy track. The vehicle then apparently ran out of coolant, overheated and stalled, requiring rescue.

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After airing the tires and hooking up the tow straps, the team managed to get the car back on the main road. It’s unclear why the driver decided to take his car on an off-road excursion, but Dodge offers an all-wheel-drive system on the Challenger SXT and GT.

While these models are aimed at riders living in colder climates, where snow and ice are a part of life, they would likely be relatively capable in the sandy conditions seen here. It’s just a guess, but the all-wheel-drive Challengers are available exclusively with the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine that develops 303 hp (226 kW / 307 hp) and 268 lb-ft (362 Nm) of torque .

The all-wheel-drive system makes the Challenger unique among American muscle cars, and reports suggest the redesigned Ford Mustang will remain rear-wheel-drive only, despite earlier rumors of an all-wheel-drive variant.

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