Do you need to go to Massachusetts RMV? Go now

If you have business in person to conduct at Massachusetts Register of Motor Vehicles (RMV), it is in your interest to get there as soon as possible. With the February school holidays approaching and students preparing for their learner’s permit, the Massachusetts RMV expects their offices to be busier than usual.

Registrar Colleen Ogilive had the following to say regarding the high volume of in-person customer transactions that will be expected at Massachusetts RMV the week of February 21:

The RMV historically experiences a higher volume of in-person transactions during the February school holiday week, and we encourage customers to book an appointment, plan ahead, and transact online. Scheduling appointments in advance and arriving prepared for required visits to the service center will provide flexibility and help customers save time for more enjoyable activities.

So if you have business to transact at Massachusetts RMV you might want to consider doing it online (if possible) that you can do by go here. There’s no guarantee that the RMV’s Berkshire County sites will have heavy foot traffic, but why take the risk? Plus, if you can skip the lines and go about your business practically at your convenience, why not go online? Plus, it’s one less public place you have to worry about in regards to the spread of covid. If you have a service required at the center, you’ll want to make sure you book an appointment and save yourself a lot of waiting and headaches.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Monday, February 21 is President’s Day, which means the Massachusetts RMV will be closed so be sure to plan accordingly.

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