Brabus 92R smart EQ fortwo Cabrio costs almost $ 57,000, what else can you get for that?

Browsing through their website, we found that it is for sale, at € 48,650 in Germany or almost $ 57,000 at current exchange rates. So what else could you get for that big sum? Quite a few things actually, but we’ll tell you first that the electric city car has 91 hp, compared to the standard model’s 81 hp, several Brabus upgrades inside and out, sport suspension and bigger wheels. .

The first thing that comes to mind, as far as this writer goes anyway, when it comes to decent electric vehicles, is the Tesla Model 3. It starts at under $ 40,000 in the US, and starting at $ 57,000, you could get the Performance a variant.

Still not enough to satiate your VE the thirst? Well, how about a Ford Mustang Mach-e starting at $ 42,895 in the US and € 46,900 ($ 54,797) in Germany? The electric crossover is great value for money, as long as you don’t overuse the throttle and steering, because it will start to go crazy. But then again, the fortwo EQ isn’t exactly a runner in disguise now, is it?

You might think you can’t buy a suitable Porsche for the price of this tuned fortwo, right? And we’re not talking about the Macan, but the 718 Cayman. The base model comes with an MSRP of $ 60,500, so if you can shell out nearly $ 57,000 for a new set of wheels, you can add $ 3,500 and get yourself a real fun machine.

If a chic family SUV is on your shopping list, so how about an all-new BMW X5? That’s right, the sDrive40i variant starts at $ 59,400 on the left side of the Atlantic Ocean, before destination and dealer fees, and the 2022 Audi Q7 is even more affordable, at $ 55,800. Heck, you can buy an SQ5 from $ 53,900 or an S4 sports sedan from $ 50,500 and call it a day.

But we know you wouldn’t do that, so we’re going to add the Ram 1500, not the TRX, as this one starts at $ 70,425, but the Limited Longhorn Crew Cab, which costs $ 52,780.

Do you like the new Toyota GR Supra? You can pick one up from $ 43,190, or get two well-designed Camry Hybrids or a Sequoia for the price of this fortwo EQ.

At this point, you might question those comparisons, as we mostly referred to the United States. So let’s move on to Germany, where you could get an Audi A4 Allroad starting at € 50,900 ($ 59,470) or an A6 executive sedan starting at € 50,140 ($ 58,582). The Q4 e-tron electric crossover starts at € 41,900 ($ 48,955) in its home market, and the Q5 starts at € 47,450 ($ 55,439).

There are also plenty of models to choose from from Mercedes, including the GLB, the next-gen C-Class and the zero-emission EQA crossover.

In the Volkswagen team there are even more choices, starting with the electrified Volkswagen Golf GTE hot hatch and ending with the ID.4 electric crossover, both cheaper than the Brabus.

We’ve barely scratched the surface with this story, but you see the picture. Plus, we haven’t even mentioned the used car market as this is where things get even more exciting as everything from old luxury sedans to previous generation supercars suddenly becomes available.

Truth be told, we wouldn’t know what to buy for that sum, but it would likely have an internal combustion engine and rear-wheel drive. So what would be your poison?

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