Audi will launch a new version of the Q7 SUV in February

German luxury carmaker Audi will launch the new version of the Q7 SUV in India early next month as it seeks to build on the momentum of last year’s strong performance, a senior company official says. . Audi India had recorded a doubling of its retail sales to 3,293 units in 2021. It had sold 1,639 units in 2020.

Growth in 2021 was supported by good performance from the brand’s volume engines, Q-series SUVs – Q2, Q5 and Q8, and A-A4 and A6 sedans, as well as five electric cars – e- tron 50, e-tron 55, e-tron Sportback 55, e-tron GT, RS e-tron GT.

“This year we will also start with the launch of the flagship Q7 in the first week of February. This is how it is planned and it will also be followed by a few other products to come in the year, ”Audi India director Balbir Singh Dhillon told PTI.

Audi India has already started producing the new Q7 at its factory in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, he added.

In 2022, Audi India is looking to build on the good performance of last year, he said.

“Not only do we have a full year supply of recently launched products (Q5 which launched in November and deliveries started in December), but we will also have new products that we will launch this year. When all of these products are available, I’m sure we’ll have a good year this year as well, ”he said.

With the launch of the Q7, Audi India will have most of its volume engines with the exception of the Q3 SUV, which is available in the country, which will help drive new sales, he said.

Bullish in the market, Dhillon said in 2021, Audi India saw nearly 150% growth in sales of performance and lifestyle (PLC) cars, which were priced above Rs 1 crore and accounted for 11 % of total sales.

On the other hand, last month the company sold more than 200 units of its entry-level Q2 SUV, he added.

“So I think overall the performance was top to bottom, entry level models to high end models… At this point the market is definitely improving,” Dhillon said, adding the steps from the company to customer orientation. is bearing fruit with the confidence in the brand which is growing year after year.

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