Around the tracks: Ford promotes electric cars with newsworthy memes

In addition, the Ferrari Testa Rossa which is undersized and electric.

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Enjoy it, but not too much, okay?

Ford Motor Company tried to promote EVs on Twitter, but for some it may not have been. In fact, the memes they posted on social media are pretty insulting.

Targeting electric vehicle skeptics, Ford has attacked those who buy conventional SUVs – although some have pointed it out as ironic, given that the company advertises and sells thousands of combustion-engine cars in its lineup.

A tweet criticizes America for not showing appreciation for the electric Mustang Mach-E and for constantly supporting the same old gasoline SUVs. Another shows a crying woman, claiming that she suffers from “range anxiety”. The message reads “Alone get to school and work each day. Worried, 250 miles of range is not enough.”

While alienating part of his audience, he undoubtedly garnered a lot of attention!

Can’t afford the real thing? This Ferrari is undersized and under budget

Introducing the Ferrari Testa Rossa J – a three-quarter version of the iconic fully electric car. Manufactured by engineering firm The Little Car Company, the vehicle has gained Ferrari approval, and even some assistance, with the car’s dynamics validated by Ferrari test drivers.

The original-looking creation is based on handcrafted 20-inch spoked wheels, the suspension using Bilstein coil springs and Eibach springs. The body conforms to the proportions of the original 250 Testa Rossa, while the accelerator and brake pedals are taken from the current F8 Tributo supercar.

The car is powered by a 12 kW motor, is rear-wheel drive and weighs 258 kg. It is small in size but has a much lower price for a prancing horse – at around A $ 147,000.

Lewis Hamilton bids farewell to his Pagani Zonda

After seven years together, Mercedes ace in Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton has parted ways with his Pagani. The Zonda 760LH was only the second in the series ever built and at the time rumored to have cost the Formula 1 champion around 2 million Australian dollars.

The car is powered by a 7.3-liter naturally aspirated AMG V12 engine, good for 559kW and 780Nm. It has a six-speed manual transmission that sends power to the rear wheels.

While the new owner has surely paid a premium, they get at least a seven year old hypercar with less than 1000 km on the clock!

The seller of this Avanti is surely dreaming with this listing price

Do you remember the American automobile brand Avanti? Originally produced by Studebaker in the 1960s, chassis produced later by the company were based on Ford Mustang pony cars of the 1990s.

This particular vehicle is a 2005 model and has been on sale for approximately A $ 82,000! The list claims it is one of the “five built in 2005”. Finished in Sunburst Yellow, the exterior is based on the proportions of the Mustang of the day and looks rather odd.

The interior, however, is much more modest with the seats, door cards, steering wheel, and radio / climate controls all very similar to the original Mustang designs. The engine is perhaps one of its greatest assets – a 4.6-liter V8, capable of 194kW and 409Nm.

New York gets its first batch of Mach-E electric taxis

New York City is known to be trendy, so it’s only fitting that its taxis are stylish. Gravity, a New York taxi start-up, advocates zero emissions and has just taken delivery of a Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV.

Finished in rally yellow, it is fitted with dynamic passenger controls, including a 22-inch display screen. This gives the passenger a memorable ride, allowing them to take selfies, listen to music and watch videos.

It’s the first Mach-E taxi in New York City, with the company slowly building a fleet of 50 electric vehicles. In Australia, you may have seen a few Tesla act as taxis, while BYD E6 sedans have also been tested in Sydney.

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