14 Best Drift Cars Ever Made

Although it was the S13 that first brought the Silvia/240SX line into the limelight as a drifter, the S14 has now become the most popular generation with buyers looking for a drift-ready S chassis. . Data from Hagerty Insurance shows that 64% of insurance quotes for H14 were reported as changed, compared to 52% for H13. So, it’s safe to say that at least half of the S14s remaining on the road in the US are modified in some way, with many of them likely to be configured as drift cars. . The S14 was lowered, widened and featured better weight distribution than the previous generation car, according to Hagerty. The car’s other big selling point is its engine bay, which is roomy enough to accommodate a number of engine swaps, with LS swaps being common in the US.

S14s were once very affordable, but their popularity among drifters has subjected them to what is often referred to as “the drift tax”. As more and more examples are modified, raced and often crashed, it becomes more difficult to find stock examples in good condition. This drives prices up, to the point that enthusiasts on a tight budget are now often shut out of the market. Hagerty reports that an unmodified, well-preserved S14 can now command a $20,000 premium, a far cry from the four-figure price tags the same cars would have sold just a few years ago.

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