10 Sports Cars Proven To Last Over 200,000 Miles

In general, it’s a good rule of thumb to assume that a sports car won’t last as many miles as a passenger car. After all, it’s designed for performance, not longevity, so it’ll wear out faster, right? Well, although it may be that most sports cars you’ll struggle if you’re trying to get 200,000 miles in one, it turns out that with the right maintenance there are plenty of models out there that will get the job done.

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It’s easy to say that any sports car should last a few hundred thousand kilometers in the right conditions, but these ten cars have all proven it. In all of these cases, there are documented examples where cars have reached this figure, sometimes well beyond, and still perform well. These may not be all the flashiest or most exotic sports cars on the market, but for anyone who wants to put some serious mileage on their sports car, these are the safest bets.

ten BMW Z3

BMW might not be the first brand most people think of when it comes to reliability, but it turns out their sports cars are some of the most durable around. The Z4 roadster ranked as one of the most reliable sports cars of the last five yearsbeating the expectations of many enthusiasts.

Most Z4s are not yet old enough to have reached 200,000 km on the clock, but their predecessor, the Z3, is just as suitable for achieving this figure. A quick search of a leading auction site turned up two examples listed with over 200,000 miles, both of which come with a service history for the next buyer’s peace of mind.

9 Mazda Miata

As one of the most popular sports cars on Earth, it’s no surprise that the Mazda MX-5 Miata is also a strong candidate to become a high-mileage hero. Most of the early examples were passed on to a handful of owners, but it remains one of the most serviceable sports cars on the market.

The parts are inexpensive, and they are simple enough to work with for anyone with a bit of mechanical knowledge. It is therefore not surprising that there are many examples with hundreds of thousands of kilometers on the clock.

8 Porsche 911 (991.2)

Anyone wanting something a little newer might go for a Porsche 911, because despite being a few years in production, someone has already managed to clock over 200,000 in a 991.2-gen car. That’s an average of 34,500 miles a year in a 911.

The car in question is pictured here, and it was offered for sale at a Bonham auction in January 2022. It had racked up 207,103 miles, but it came with a full Porsche service history, it so there’s no reason it shouldn’t be good for another 100,000 miles or more.

7 Subaru WRX STI

Subaru’s long-running sports sedan has a reputation for toughness thanks to its association with the World Rally Championship, and that durability has allowed it to cover very high mileage with proper maintenance.

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By the time the car hits the 200,000 mile mark, it’s safe to say that some major work will usually need to be completed, but given the residual value of these cars, it’s usually still economical to get the work done. Then it will be ready for another 100,000 or even more.

6 Honda S2000

Honda’s last small sports car, the S2000, was discontinued in 2009 after ten years on the market. Fast forward to today and many of these cars are still going strong, with a few owners having passed the 200,000 mark in recent years.

Typical Honda reliability is in full effect here, with most of these high-mileage S2000s remaining seemingly reliable even past 200,000. Frequent maintenance is essential to extract maximum kilometers from the car.

5 Audi TT

It’s hard to get a brand new sports car on the first try, but that’s exactly what Audi did when they launched the original TT over twenty years ago. They managed to strike the perfect balance between performance and affordability, which has allowed so many examples to remain on the roads over the years.

An early TT will likely require more repair and maintenance to get it to 200,000 miles than most other cars on this list, but it’s totally doable. The reliability of the TT has further improved over the generations, with the most recent generation rated as the second most reliable sports car on the market based on UK data.

4 Chevrolet Corvette C5

Corvettes may not be the most exotic sports cars, but they are certainly capable of racking up serious miles, provided they weren’t recklessly driven by a previous owner. Really, any generation of Corvette has the potential to hit a high figure, but the C5 also has the advantage of being a bit of a bargain right now.

With an atmospheric V8 and a timeless design, the C5 ticks all the right boxes for a weekend cruiser. And, no matter how many trips you want to make, it shouldn’t falter when it comes to reliability.

3 Ford-Mustang

America’s favorite sports car, the Ford Mustang really needs no introduction. With each generation she has remained capable of racking up some truly incredible miles, provided she received the right care and attention.

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A car with 200,000 miles on the odometer could still have a lot of life, as owners said they traveled up to 300,000 miles of their S197 generation Mustangs. But, as always, maintenance is key, especially considering how some Mustang owners like to treat their cars.

2 Toyota Supra MkIV

It’s now a highly valued collector’s item, but in the years since their first release, MkIV Toyota Supras were considered excellent sports cars for everyday driving. This led to a few of them racking up some really high miles.

Unfortunately, many of these high mileage cars were later sold to negligent owners who ended up scrapping them, but a few of these ultra high mileage cars survive. A careful landlord in Tennessee even managed to get 520,000 miles out of his carwithout major intervention on the engine.

1 Subaru BRZ

Since its release in 2013, the Subaru BRZ has quickly established itself as one of the best value small sports cars on the market. Much like the previously mentioned Supra, the BRZ is a great daily driver, as it’s efficient and comfortable even over long distances.

So far, only one or two owners have claimed to have passed the 200,000 mile mark with their car, and they haven’t released much evidence to prove it. But, there are a lot more owners who have verifiably over 170-180,000 miles on their cars, so we should see a lot more cars breaking the 200,000 mark soon.

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