What is Extra loan?

Extra loan is a continuous limit of EUR 2100, which is available to the user for free up to the loan limit granted.

In practice, the limit works so that after a positive loan decision you can raise the loan immediately to the amount you need for your account.

The cost and the loan rate will depend on how much you have transferred the loan to your account, not what your loan line is, unless you immediately raise the entire loan amount.

For a flexible loan decision, you do not need to obtain personal security or other collateral.

Just a few minutes to clear your loan application.

Extract loan briefly presented:

  • The age limit is 21 years.
  • Open a flexible and continuous $ 2100 Flex Loan for yourself.
  • You get a repayment period of 3 to 101 months for the loan.
  • Pay back the loan by installment or lump sum.
  • When paying with installments, you get the smallest installment on the market for flexible loan.
  • Minimum loan Reduction only 10% of the loan balance + interest charges 0% up to the first due date.
  • With a one-time payment you get up to 30 days of interest-free payment.
  • Possibility of free month.
  • loan lifting costs 19%.
  • The service does not include opening or annual fees.
  • You don’t need guarantors or collateral for the loan.
  • Example of Increasing Extract loan: You Increase Your loan by 800 €, Equal Payouts for 12 Months, Real Annual Interest 238.71%. The total cost of the loan is € 657.61, with the repayable amount of € 1457.61.


A positive loan decision entitles the user to a loan account of up to € 2100.

When you repay the loan by the first due date, you get a loan of 0% interest.

Therefore, you pay only 19% of the lift.


The loan application for the loan is open 24/7.

There is no opening fee on your account loan.

Open a free loan for your loan with a free loan application.


Now you get extra time for payment!

Get a free month and get flexibility to repay the loan.


Extreme loan has brought many Finns the security they need for everyday money.

You can raise the amount of loan you want, if you want.

Expenses and loan rates are only determined by the money transfers made!


What are the requirements for obtaining a loan?

These are the most typical loan terms for the applicant:

The applicant must be at least 21 years of age as a well-managed person.

The applicant must also be a loanworthy Finnish citizen with a public mobile telephone subscription and Finland’s postal address.

The most common reasons why a loan has not been granted:

  • Incorrect or incomplete information (e.g., invalid ID, account number, etc.)
  • The applicant’s information is marked with a payment defect.
  • The applicant has not managed his good monetary affairs.


How do I raise my loan to my bank account?

After your personal loan decision, you can withdraw your loan to your bank account by either logging in to the “own pages” of the Extract loan service or by signing up for an Extra loan as a customer.

After registering, you can raise the loan to your account by sending a text message to the service according to the instructions provided.


How long does it take to get a flexible payment?

For extra loan you will get a repayment period of 3 to 101 months.

You can repay the loan either in installments or as a one-time payment.

When paying by installment, the interest rate is 0% until the first due date.

When paying on a lump sum loan, no extra charges will be added and you will be borrowed for 30 days without interest


How do I apply for a loan?

It is easy to fill out an application for an extra loan and take your time in just a few minutes.

Do this:

  • Choose a loan amount.
  • You’ll immediately see a bidding estimate of your borrowed costs and a monthly payment.
  • Then click on the “Get a loan” button.
  • Fill in the application carefully with the person and contact information.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Send your application.

Once you accept the offer, you can make your first account for the amount of loan you need.

The money will be transferred to your account during the opening hours of the service


When can I apply for a loan?

You can apply for a loan at the best time for you.

The free loan application for extra loan is open 24/7.


Can I get a loan without a guarantee?

Yes, it is quite possible.

Loans are secured by extra loan, so you do not need to get guarantors or collateral to open a loan account.


For what purpose can I apply for Flexible loan?

You can use the Extract loan granted to you freely wherever you want.

The loan service does not ask for the purpose of the loan.

Many Finns have applied for a loan to the reserve fund, to pay for a foreign trip, to children’s hobbies and for example to daily shopping.


How fast do I get my Flexible Loan?

After a positive loan decision, you get a loan right away for your use.

Make the necessary loan transfer online or by SMS.

The minimum loan amount to be raised is 50 euros.

The first draw will be paid to your account between 8:00 and 22:00.